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Assalammualaikum Wr Wb
Salam Jumaat ladies and alhamdulillah for another day to seek forgiveness and another day to seek repentence
And I thank Allah SWT for allowing me to see more clearly , or should I say observe more closely on the surroundings that is happening around me and allow me to reflect.
I asked from Him to show what is the purpose of my life other than I know that I have to be faithful servant to Him and that as stated in Quran :
"And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me."
But I know deep down in my heart that I am searching for something, I was getting tired of my mundane everyday life. Alhamdulillah, I have what I have prayed for, but there is a little bit of unhappiness inside me and that yearns to do more.
Hence, I decided to write this Friday Love Letter to my readers. Whether or not, you know or you are experiencing the same thing, I would definitely love to hear from you. So write in or share in your thoughts at the comment button.
Anyhoos, what I am going to tell you is a story about my ex-collegue. I called her Kak Na. I have worked with her for about 7 years in the same company previously. At times I found her weird, but she is my listening ear when I was having issues back then. And although we never quite spend our time after office hours, but that 8 hours with her at work everyday, was enough for me to know her.
She is single. Aged 50 plus now. She is very petite and outspoken person. Very caring and always helping people.
I did ask her, "Kak, why didn't you want to get married?"
She smiled, "Cause my parents still needs me dik. My elder brother is married , even though he comes every week to my house (staying with parents) but it is not the same as when you are living together."
Her mother, very petite woman also, has an history of mild stroke. She also have other kind of illness that was "commonly" known to older aged people. 
So she would share with me how she took care of her mother. How she have to sacrifice her many Annual Leave to always bring her mother for check ups, how at times she is so stress up at work and she cried trying to let everything out.
During that years of listening, everyday without fail I would greet her in the morning and ask about her mother. Is her mother okay? How is Kak Na herself? How is she coping. Cause we sat behind each other so it is easier for us to communicate.
And she would smile and say "alhamdulillah, everything is ok"
The day after Deepavali in Singapore, I received news early morning that her mother passed away. Although I am a stranger to her family, but my heart sank. Cause immediately, I was thinking on how Kak Na was coping.
I have never seen anyone in my life that is that close with their mother and also the main care giver.
Allah SWT allow me and our other collegues to meet her yesterday evening. She told us the whole story of what had happened. And it was a beautiful death. Subhanallah.
Even though her mother was breathless, weak. Her mother still request to be with her daughter, to sleep with her daughter, strictly ask the daughter to selawat with her while the daughter was massaging her back. Before the ambulance came, the mother asked her daughter to change her clothings and wants to wear nice and new clothes. And everything was make easy for her and her family.
Of course, when all this happened at the time of emergency, no one will think that it will be beautiful. But hearing it, it was like MasyaAllah....
But what makes me cry even harder is when Kak Na said "You know what is my mother last words to me? .... Dik.... jangan tinggal kan Mak" (Don't leave me dik") before she departs to the hospital via ambulance.
How many of us have the opportunity to care for our own mother? How many of us is really there for our mother at times when she is facing challenges herself? How many of us gets to hear from our parents not wanting us to leave them?
If you have the chance, alhamdulillah, you are so so lucky and please make use of this opportunity as your ticket to Jannah.
Before I left Kak Na's house, we spoke heart to heart...
I told her "Kak Na, alhamdulillah you are so lucky to be one of the chosen one to have the privileged in taking care of your mother until she passed on. You have so many good deeds in just by looking after her and I am sure this would be atleast your ticket to Jannah. I am not the chosen one Kak cause I am working with my mother but still I can't even take care of her and we always argued"
She hugged me tightly and we both cried, she said "Don't wati (my collegues called me Wati), Don't. You definitely would want your mother to tell you do not leave her even though she knows she is leaving you. You will never know when one day your mother will pass on cause life is short, my friend. Treat her good. Treat her well atleast. Don't be too hard on her"
And besides crying to Allah SWT, I have never cried so hard infront of people in my whole life.
Allah SWT showed me what I have done wrong all this while to the person who gave birth to me. I am a mother myself, but I took my own mother for granted.
"Ya Allah, please forgive us for we have forget. we have forget your other command that is to be kind and dutiful to our parents. Ya Allah, please forgive us for our negligence towards our parents cause we were too busy chasing opportunity in this world"
With this reflections, I pray that Allah SWT always reminds us to be steadfast, kind and dutiful to our parents. May He make me and all of you the righteous son/daughter. Aammin Ya Rabbil A'laamiin,
Let's try to call our mother even for a short 10 mins out of our 24 hours.
Visit our parents every weekend with our children, ask them along for any events that you have with the kids. Make them feel like they still matter. Cause deep down, that is the very least they are asking from us.
With this, I hope my Friday Love Letter have at least bring benefits to you.
With Love,

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