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Assalammualaikum Wr. Wb Sisters,
Firstly, I would like to apologize for not being consistent in writing this love letter to you, it was supposed to be last Friday but I was caught up with the challenges at work and just decide to step away from writing for a while due to all negative emotions building up....
But alhamdulillah, I am writing to you this on a Sunday with a little bit of a positive note.
Alhamdulillah, we are given another day to breathe, another day to see our spouses and children, another day to worship Allah SWT, another day to do good , another day to repent....
Do take a moment to look around you, say Alhamdulillah and let your heart feel the moment of contentment.
My love letter today is about Intentions. Last whole week I've learnt a lot of intentions from an online course which I have signed up for...
In this world, we do everything with an intention. Whether you realized it or not. You go to work with an intention you need money. But the intention of needing the money might be different. Is it going to be used to benefit others or benefit ourselves?
A beautiful, beautiful story about intentions that I am going to share with you guys...
It is about Sayyidina Ali Ibn Abu Talib. As we all may or may not know (which I have learnt or pay attention only recently) that He is the youngest and first male to accept Islam. He was only Nine when he accepted Islam and was the 2nd one after Sayyiditina Khadjiah RA.
The story begins - during a war, Sayyidina Ali was in a war and he had an enemy down without his weapon. He was about to kill the enemy with his sword. His hands was already high up, ready to strike but then the enemy spat at him. After the enemy had spat on him, Sayyidina Ali put down his sword and did not kill the enemy. 
The enemy asked "Why did you put your sword down and not kill me?"
Sayyidina Ali replied "I wanted to kill you for the sake of Allah SWT but after you spat on me, my intentions become different. I become angry as a person and if I kill you, it will not be for the sake of Allah SWT."
His reply gave me goosebumps , does it gave the same goosebumps to you?
I just realized whatever we do , we set an intentions but how the result of my actions end up, lies on our intentions.
And our right intention being in this Dunya is supposed to seek repentence and Allah SWT pleasure.
If we upload a post on Instagram or Facebook with an intention to show off and get more likes or praises, then it will not be prosper and you are not seeking Allah's pleasure.
Allah SWT will allow it to happened since that is what YOU WANT cause He, as promise will give what we want, but He will not be pleased.
And seeking Allah's pleasure is the utmost important thing that we need to do in this Dunya.
So let's try altogether to set our intentions right in every single thing that we do in seeking Allah's pleasure.
Before we begin our work, we can try to say, "O Allah, this is the job that you have given me and please allow me to do it well for the sake of pleasing You"
Love everything for the sake of Allah SWT.
Love your spouses for the sake of Allah SWT cause at the end of the day, they will be with you in Jannah if you love them right.
Love your children for the sake of Allah SWT, cause at the end of the day, whether you asked for a child or not, they are "borrowed" gifts to you.
Love your friends for the sake of Allah SWT.
Soon, with all the right intentions, you will see how beautiful life is, even despite our personal issues or whatever, we see thru our heart that life is beautiful if we live it as how Allah SWT will be pleased.
With that, assalammualaikum and I promise to be more consistent in writing my love letter to you .
With Love,

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