Being Grateful

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Assalammualaikum Wr . Wb,
First and foremost, alhamdulillah that we are given another day to breathe and a chance to repent...
I know I have not been consistent in my blogging cause of my health issues, but alhamdulillah, today at least I have a little bit of inspiration.
As you all know, that in whatever religion , we as human, we need to have a sense of gratefulness. But most of us neglect this blessing. Look around you... 
The eyes that see. The ears that hears. The mouth that speaks. The hands that moves, the body that is healthy, the legs that is walking. The chair you are sitting, the MRT you took everyday to work, the car you drives, the bus you ride and many more....
Everthing is a blessing for us but we took it for granted. Why do I say for granted? Cause it is a reminder for myself also. We may feel we are already feeling grateful. But are we?
The eyes you chose to see sins. The ears you chose to hear gossip. The mouth you chose to speak untruth, the hands that moves for you to work but you chose to be lazy, the MRT you took, you complained it always get stuck, the car you drives, you let out a sigh when the gas running low, the bus you ride, you blame the driver/traffic for  "making you" late for work... and many more....
So on this blessed Friday, let us take chance to be really grateful with ourselves, our belongings and everything else around you.
Look around, say Alhamdulillah with a content heart.
Till our next post...
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