Are we humble enough?

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Alhamdulillah, we have reached another Friday to see another day and to seek forgiveness to Allah SWT.
Why do we have to seek forgiveness everyday?
Cause that is our purpose in this earth. 
We are not created in this earth to be perfect. We are created with so many flaws that only Allah SWT knows. HE loves us so much that he covers our flaws in order for other creation to see that we are "so called flawless..."
But deep down.. we know we have done sins everyday. We might have seen the wrong things around us, we might have heard the wrong things from the people around us, we might have speak the wrong things to the people around us..
But are we humble enough to realize our mistakes and seek forgiveness to Allah SWT?
It is not just istighfar "astarghfirullaha'lazim". This is just words.
But are we humble enough to realize our mistakes when we utter this wholeheartedly?
I want to share a story which happened two weeks ago.
I have sent my boys to their weekly activity which is Silat. It is a traditional malay "taekwondo" to make it easy for non-malay readers to understand. So while they are just starting, I settled down with the other mummies and I brought my daughter along to sit with me.
Honestly, I am not a chatter. I am an introvert. So me and the other mummies, I only speak when needed. So when they are talking, I rarely join their conversation.
Don't get me wrong, it is not that I am arrogant or in malay "step antisocial".. it is the way I am, if you have met me in person just once, you know I will just get straight to the point, say what I want to say, and then I am your best listener. InshaAllah.
Ok that is beside the point. So the story goes... 
Suddenly I heard the Senior Tok Guru shouted "DIAM" (in english is Keep Quiet or Shut Up - whichever way you want to put it). So I was shocked and I looked up and see what happened.
There were a group of young, young boys sitting around there. I did not hear them talked in a first place, most probably I was engrossed with my mobile, hee. Maybe they were talking about something and the Senior Tok Guru heard them. So he went on in malay language but I am just going to translate to you ladies... 
"Why are you boys being so rude? Did you come here to be rude? Can't you show some respect? Did your parents teach you to be rude"
Out of 7 boys (i think), only one was defiant and answered back but subhanallah, I could not hear what he was saying so let's leave it that way.
Now.... some may think, in this kinda situation.. the boys might have said something that is rude that has made the Senior Tok Guru angry. Which we always would say "serve them (the boys) right" right??
I will let you ladies think about it and I will share with you what is my opinion in regards to this incident.
So after Silat, me and my children were walking back, and again I saw the group of boys at our neighbourhood playground having their "makan angin, keluar asap" , plus additional 2 more girls. When I walked pass them, I felt embarrassed. They were definitely looking at us, but honestly I do not have enough courage to look at them, eye contact or smile at them. 
I felt embarrassed. And I felt disappointed and I felt sad. 
These children, I was like them years back... We were, right? We have our childhood days, we have our teenagers day, we have our adult-teen days, and now we are adults..
So honestly, the approached was quite a shocked to me from someone who knows disciplined and wearing the Silat uniform.
Don't you think with the approach that the Senior Tok Guru has done, makes this youngsters divert their interest out -  away from something that is traditional and which should only bring them in?
Don't you think that with the approach, the youngster might think that they are "lower" than his students?
I would honestly think that way if I am one of them. Like "mana nye bagus je silat ni.." you get what I mean?
So with that, this incident reminds me to always, always be and stay humble in whatever we do.
How to?
Slowly but Surely. Nobody asked you to drastically change, even Allah SWT loves small changes than big changes (which end up not being istiqomah enough).
What I have learnt is that we can try not to look at other people any lesser than us. The main trick to this, is that we should always look at ourselves , our flaws more than others.
If I do not have my children with me, I would definitely sit down with them and talk to them like friends. Make them feel welcome, make them feel they have strong potential to change, make them feel that they are our next generation and they can be better than this, make them feel that whatever issues they have (that makes them do what they are not supposed to do,) will soon pass and be better...
Because nobody told me this when I was "lost",  I had to find out the hard way........
But I would love to hear what would you do if you were there witnessing this incident, do let me know....
With Love,


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