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Assalammualaikum everyone and I hope you guys already having a blessed Jumaat..

MasyaAllah, it is raining here in West Area since an hour ago and I am still at home, waiting for the rain to at least stop before I ride off to work... but yea, time waits for no one, I am working from home as of now.

On this blessed Friday, I just want to thank all of you who have grow together with Aura Safa. 

We know there are times whereby our business is on a procastinating mode. Or our product does not meet to your expectations. Or we simply have no products to offer.

But alhamdulillah for us, taking all this test to make it into a better opportunity for us to improve.

Being in a business, be it local store or online, it is not just about selling and then you make profits out of it, pay to the necessary parties or things to get your business running and do it all over again.

For us here in Aura Safa, we always try to make our online store a better place for our potential shoppers or just viewers. We always try to improve our products (you have no idea the time and the nagging I have given to my suppliers). And last but not least, we always try to improve our service.

Helping others with their issues or their "unanswered need" is our goal here. And we thank Allah SWT for the opportunity given to help others.

And with this, we are always looking forward to help others.

Have a blessed Jumaat everyone

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